Patriot Camp Curriculum


In 2011, we put together a before and after quiz to test your camper's before and after knowledge of the topics. This was and is just for fun! Take a few minutes and see how well you do. Get the whole family and take the quiz together. Click on the link below to get started.

Would you like to take a quiz based on the 2010 curriculum? Click here and see how well you do.

Branching Out into History - 2012 Camps to Present
We started branching out into other areas of history besides our founding. As we develop camp each year, we choose an overall theme, daily themes, and topics based on the interests of our volunteers. We have covered many topics since 2012 including the Civil War, World War I, World War II, American Holidays, William Penn, Ronald Reagan, Dick Winters, Walt Disney, John Philip Sousa, the Gold Rush, Freedom of Speech, the Johnson County War, Indian Removal, George Washington's Spies, the Dust Bowl, James Hanger, the Barbary Wars, the Candy Bomber, Carlisle Indian School, the 1980 USA Hockey Team, Clara Barton and many many more! Our goal is to make history fun in order to inspire kids to want to learn more! Our volunteers choose topics they are interested in so that their enthusiasm spills over to the kids.