Patriot Camp Curriculum

RECOMMENDED READING - Much of our camp curriculum has been inspired by our committee's personal reading. Here are a few of our favorites.


This year the station leaders have put together some questions from their lessons to test your child's before and after knowledge of the topics. This is just for fun! Take a few minutes and see how well they do. Get the whole family and take the quiz together. Then come back after camp and see if you learned anything new. Click on the link below to get started.

Looking to Run a Patriot Camp in Your Community?

Patriot Camp is working with Constitutional Champions Foundation (CCF), an off-shoot of the 9-12 Project. CCF is publishing the Patriot Camp 2010 materials and will be selling a kit that you can use to run a Patriot Camp in your community. Please go to for more information about ordering a kit.

Would you like to take a quiz based on the 2010 curriculum? Click here and see how well you do.

The References link lists many of the references we used to put together the curriculum for Patriot Camp 2010.

References for Patriot Camp 2010