Marietta Wins American Legion Writing Contest UPDATE!!

JULY 1, 2011 UPDATE. Marietta's essay took THIRD PLACE in the STATE!!! Congratulations Marietta! Keep up the good work - you inspire us all!

EARLIER THIS SUMMER....Marietta, a camper at Patriot Camp 2010, won first place in the 3rd and 4th grade group in a recent American Legion writing competition with her essay about her experience at Patriot Camp! Her essay will go on to the next level - the American Legion Council level, and possibly on to the Department (State) level where she could win a savings bond.


You can find out more about the competition here. 

You can read her essay here.

How can I Encourage My Friends to Show Pride in Being an American
By: Marietta 4th Grade

Last summer I went to a week long “Patriot Camp” where I learned about the heritage of America. Every morning we said the Pledge of Allegiance. I learned about “Taxation without Representation,” which caused the Boston Tea party, and I threw boxes off a picnic table. I learned about the midnight ride of Paul Revere, and if the British were coming by land there would be one lantern and if they were coming by sea there would be two lanterns in the steeple of Christ’s Church. I learned about General Washington and his troops who crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve! I crossed the “Delaware” by walking through a pool full of ice and freezing water. I learned about the Constitution, the Preamble and met many historical people who helped form America.

Learning about my country makes me want to show pride in being an American. I encouraged my friends during the Super Bowl party to stand up during the National Anthem. I chose a soldier off the “wall” to send a letter and encouraged some friends to do the same. I pray for my nation and our soldiers every night during bedtime prayers with my family. In conclusion, learning about my country makes me want to encourage others to show pride in being an American.